Client Rewards

Click the items below to learn more about the rewards offered to clients. 🙂

If you book your next session immediately after receiving a massage, your next session will be discounted $5.00

For every three people you refer to Rose Petals, you receive a free massage.

Each time you present your card after your session, the card will be marked. When you get Ten punches, you the 11th session is free.

Current Specials

This specials are subject to change at any time.

Booking Multiple Massages

Postural Alignment or Holistic Massage Packages

Design your appointment each time to fit your needs for the day!!

Your choice of 6,8 or 10 sessions: 1 Hour Postural Alignment Session (PAS) or 90 minutes massage packages
or 30 minutes Postural Alignment Session (PAS) or 60 min Massage Packages

*We are working to educate you on your pain and help you gain control of it. The Holistic Therapeutic Spa Style Massage allows me to use everything in my power to help you be as pain free as your body will allow. By using several different methods to treat your whole body since it is one whole functioning unit, I will help you learn to treat it as such.*

15% off full package purchase $841.50 from $990.00

15% off full package purchase $433.50 from $510.00

20% off full package Purchase $990.00 from $1320.00

20% off full package Purchase $510.00 from $680.00

30% off full package Purchase $1,155 from $1,650.00

30% off full package Purchase $595.00 from $850.00

*Tax is included in listed price*

Credit Cards have a 3% fee added to charge price at time of purchase
​​* 1.5 Hour Massages or longer are available for punch card purchase please contact us
* Please note that after expiration the massages are no longer valid at promotion price.
– The amount you pay does not expire. Services will be deducted at normal price from whole amount.