Infrared Sauna

Rose Petals Therapeutic Massage’s goal is to relieve you, the client of pain, so you are able to get back to living life the way you want. Our techniques are tailored to what each client needs. If you have any questions regarding the techniques, please refer to the Services Tab.

Benefits from partnering up with New You are unique and beneficial. We have the opportunity to work out knots and toxins through your massage treatment, with the use of the infrared sauna you have the added benefit of having those toxins being worked out of your system during or after your your Infrared Sauna treatment. This allows your massage treatments to stay for a longer period of time, fantastic before you see your chiropractor or when you just want to relax.

What are the advantages to combining Massage and Infrared Sauna?

Sauna Before Massage

The main advantage to combining a sauna with a massage session lies in the fact that when the muscles of the body are warm they become far suppler and therefore respond better to treatment.

*This is especially effective if you have moderate to severe nerve sensitivity in your muscles which cause you to have pain with different kinds of pressure. This would allow the therapist to be able to work deeper into the necessary areas with minimal discomfort.

*Relaxes and increases circulation as well as joint mobility and flexibility.

Sauna After Massage

​​The advantages of therapeutic massage therapy are obvious and immediately felt: reduced muscle tension, heightened relaxation, broken up lactic deposits, and released endorphins. Those benefits can be maximized when a massage is paired with infrared sauna. Both therapies work to alleviate issues throughout your entire body and back-to-back appointments can both extend the period of time devoted to healing and the lasting aftereffect of the treatments.

*The heat of a sauna session naturally has the effect of speeding up circulation and detoxifying the body. This process may be amplified when combined with particular forms of healing massage such as reflexology and hot stone massage. In addition, most massage therapists make use of essentials oils during their treatment sessions. In many cases the ingredients in these oils are activated by heat and thus become even more effective when used in the infrared sauna.

Sauna with Sports Benefits

Regular sauna with massages are renowned for helping to speed up recovery time after training sessions. This is especially true when sauna and massages are combined with stretching exercises. After a few minutes in a sauna, the muscles of the body become warm and relaxed and more pliable. Performing stretches during a sauna session can significantly reduce the stiffness that typically results from a heavy exercise sessions and help to prevent training related injuries.

*This can be done with client in bathing suit or light workout attire.